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Smart Tips to Boost Household Energy Efficiency

In light of rising temperatures, the Department of Economic Development (DED) joined hands with Test Rite Retail in holding an event to educate the public on ways to increase air conditioning efficiency on June 24.
DED pointed out that reducing heat sources at home is vital to lowering room temperature. This can be achieved by reducing energy consumption of home appliances and electronics, which also helps lower electricity bills.
Air conditioning experts offered useful advice on improving energy efficiency of home appliances. Tips include cleaning the rotor and blades of mechanical fans frequently; using no more than 80% of refrigerator’s storage capacity, along with conducting regular cleaning of heat evaporator coils and maintaining a gap between the fridge and the wall; switching the computer to sleep mode when not in use; and unplugging electric water boilers if not in use for a long time.
Noting that room lighting is also a major source of heat in the household, DED encourages the public to install energy-efficient LED bulbs to reduce power consumption of air conditioners and maintain a cool environment.
To promote use of energy-efficient devices, DED has collaborated with electronics retailers to roll out incentive programs. Those who purchase energy-efficient products at contracted stores and register their uniform invoices on the activity website http://www.taipeienergy.taipei (Chinese) will have a chance to bring home an array of enticing prizes!