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Huashan Market: Slow-paced Lifestyle and Star-studded Vendors

A handicraft stall at Huashan Market.Located right outside Exit 5 of MRT Shandao Temple Station, the Huashan Market is one of Taipei’s traditional markets with a long history. Having undergone a major overhaul in 2008, the market continues to strengthen its profile with its food and handicraft vendors. The facility has been recognized as a 4-star “Outstanding Market” in 2020 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), with 2 of the market vendors being listed as 5-star stalls.
The first floor of the market comprises stalls offering fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, and handicraft merchandise. The shops on the second floor range from eateries to apparel stores. Thanks to the well-kept and bright interior of the market, it is common to find long lines in front of the various stalls during weekends.
Here are some of the well-known shops at Huashan Market: Bonbon (2F-8), a 5-star stall offering fresh pastries every day; Wang Jin Chicken (1F-12 and 13), a 4-star store known for its chicken products spanning Taiwanese brine chicken to smoked chicken; Flying Squirrel Handicraft Workshop (1F-A19 and A20), offering culture gifts and handicrafts created by indigenous artisans, and 3-star fruits stall Deji Fruits (1F-14 and 15).
MAO has also played a key role in upgrading market facilities and promoting the venue. Examples include regular updating notices on walls and pillars, replacing old lighting with LED versions, and designing the layout of the food court area. It also works with the market’s self-governing association on various projects and intiatives.
To celebrate the outstanding achievement of Huashan Market in the 2020 Star-ranking Assessment conducted by MOEA, the Market Administration Office (MAO) will hold the “End-of-the-Year Exhibition on Public Retail Market and Commercial Venues Operation Evaluation and Award Ceremony” in early December 2020. The agency lauded the efforts of vendors in maintaining service quality to provide customers with an excellent shopping environment.