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2023 Taipei Masskara Festival, The Philippine Masskara Festival Parade (8-19)

Invite you to join the street parade and experience the charm of Filipino culture.


【Mask Distribution】

Starting from 14:00 on September 10 (Sunday), 300 masks will be distributed at the square near EEC Global TK and RJ Supermart, until they are all given out. 


【Cosplay Parade】

September 10 (Sunday) 15:00~17:30 

Inviting everyone to follow the parade procession, wearing smiling masks, starting from the St. Christopher’s Church➡️King Wan Wan Street Area➡️Qingguang Market➡️Qingguang Park, Let’s enjoy the lively street parade 👣👣


【Catwalk Show】

On the event day, the parade teams will wear creative masks and glamorous costumes for the parade, finally reaching Qingguang Park to participate in an exciting runway competition. Everyone should come and experience the vibrant colors of Filipino culture!


【Filipino Cultural Exhibition】

Did you know that the Philippines has 7,641 islands? How did the interesting Jeepney and the crab boat Bangka come about?

From September 9 (Friday) to September 24(Sunday) at the New Immigrant Hall in Shilin (No. 75, Dadong Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City) room no. 201,

There will be an exhibition showcasing Filipino culture. There will also be masks from Bacolod, Philippines that you definitely shouldn’t miss!



Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government

Contact Phone:Ms. You at 02-27256065