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Immediate Rescue! Release of Crested Goshawk After Rehabilitation!

One of the booths at Daan Park. The 2019 Fall Raptor Release at Daan Park event came to a successful conclusion yesterday (November 17).

Jointly hosted by Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO), Raptor Research Group of Taiwan (hereafter referred to as RRGT), Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation, and the Parks and Street Lights Office, the aim of the campaign is to increase the exposure of raptor conservation and rescue efforts through citizen participation, as well as to urge everyone to value Taipei City’s ecological environment!

According to the APO, a juvenile male crested goshawk born this year is the release subject. After the bird suffered injuries from being struck by a vehicle in Daan District in mid-September, it was discovered by a citizen and transferred to the RRGT. Upon examination, the veterinarian diagnosed that the bird had sustained a fractured right clavicle and lost its ability to fly. Following a month-long treatment during which the bird underwent surgery to receive a new wing followed by flight training, it was deemed fit for release to the wild.

Considering the principle of in situ conservation, Daan Park was chosen as the crested goshawk release site. Additionally, challenge games were designed at the event venue along with booths offering raptor taxidermy exhibits and films. The arrangement will allow adults and children to gain further understanding of raptors in urban areas, as well as the threats that they encounter in the city. At the same time, visitors can also appreciate the importance of rescuing injured wild animals immediately, as well as helping them to receive rehabilitation in order to be released back into the wild. In the future, knowledge will become an important resource for assisting wild animal rescue efforts!

The APO urges that the harm and abuse of animals will not be tolerated; if citizens come across evidence of animal harassment, abuse, or cruelty, please call the 1999 Citizen Hotline or APO. If you spot any wild animal that is injured or sick, please call the 24-hour animal rescue hotline (02-8791-3064 or 8791-3065).