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Helpful APPs for New Year’s Eve Bash

To herald the New Year and to allow the public to plan their New Year’s Eve activities ahead of time, the Department of Information Technology suggests trying out the following apps to access a variety of city services:

1. iTAP: This application integrates a number of city services to your smartphone. In addition to traffic, family centers, zoo, and water services, users can also look up useful information such as “Restroom locations” and “Room and Board”. Those not at the party venue can join in on the fun by tuning into Taipei Broadcasting Station through the app.
2. Fun Travel in Taipei: This app integrates services related to transportation, including bus, MRT, YouBike, taxi, and parking information.
3. Now@Taipei: This app allows you to plan for what to eat and where to go. With a three-day long weekend around the corner, there will be lots of activities going on in town, in addition to the New Year’s Eve bash. With the help of this app, you won’t have to collect all the information yourself to finalize plans!
4. Taipei Free Public Wireless Network Access: In an age where almost everyone possesses a smart phone, the absence of internet connection is like isolating the user from the rest of the world. However, not everybody has phone plans with unlimited internet access. This app not only allows the user to acquire an account easily, but also enables him or her to locate the nearest hotspot to access the free public network.
5. Taipei City Schools Digital Weather Report: The weather condition is an important factor determining whether revelers can enjoy the New Year’s Eve bash or not. This APP provides real-time weather information for the area around the venue. This ensures that users can wear the right clothing and minimize the likeliness of being soaked by rain without advanced warning.

In addition to the aforementioned apps, users can look through a more comprehensive collection at the following Chinese website: http://apps.taipei.