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Longshan Temple Donates Reflective Vests to Strengthen Road Safety for Elders

Police officers presenting a reflective vest to a local senior citizen.In response to the recent increase of road fatalities involving senior pedestrians, the Wanhua Longshan Temple donated a number of reflective vests, LED shoulder lights, and wristband lights to Wanhua Police Precinct for distribution among community elders as a part of a traffic safety promotion drive.
According to the police precinct, elders are more fragile in terms of health and face a higher mortality rate when encountering road accidents. Unfortunately, a number of senior citizens disregard traffic regulations and risk possible collisions with vehicles by crossing roads at mid-block or ignoring traffic signs and lights. Furthermore, poor visibility conditions at night and early morning also reduces the chance of drivers spotting pedestrians from a safe distance.
In Wanhua District alone, there were multiple road fatalities reported this year: one involving an 89-year-old senior in January; another accident killing a waste picker in her 60s in February, and a traffic-related death in August where a 79-year-old elder was hit by a truck when crossing at a red light.
In collaboration with the private sector to protect the safety of senior citizens, the Wanhua Police Precinct received a donation of 100 reflective vests, 250 LED shoulder lights, and 300 wristband lights from Longshan Temple, which was later distributed to elderly waste pickers and those who leave homes during night and early morning hours. The police officers also take the opportunity to promote traffic safety guidelines to these elders as well.
Wanhua Police Precinct reminds pedestrians to walk on sidewalks or on the side of the road when there is no sidewalk. They should use the pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the road and abide by pedestrian signals. Drivers should pay careful attention to the traffic in front of them and defer to pedestrians. They should turn on their headlights and drive slower during nighttime and early morning hours.