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City Releases Safety Inspection Report for Taipei Dome

Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong announced the results of a safety inspection report for Taipei Dome during a city press conference on April 16.

The committee reported five major safety issues, including:
1. Excessive building space increases the risk of disasters;
2. Integrated dome/mall structure creates safety risks;
3. Connection of underground parking structures of the different buildings increases the risk of the spread of disasters;
4. Outdoor space is insufficient to accommodate evacuated crowd;
5. Firefighting and disaster relief operations cannot be conducted.

The report concluded with two possible alternatives. One of the options involves the dismantling of the dome, while the second option involves keeping the dome.

The members of the safety inspection committee included Yoshida Yoshiyuki, Japanese First-Class registered architect and member of the development team for Japan’s national research project on fire safety design of buildings; Hamada Nobuyoshi, Japanese First-Class registered architect who served 11 years on the Building Disaster Planning Evaluation Committee, also a team member of Japan’s national research project for the development of fire safety design of buildings; Urban Development Commissioner Lin Jou-min; Fire Department Commissioner Wu Chun-hong; Public Works Deputy Commissioner Huang Chih-feng; and former Director of the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction Chen Liang-chun, among other experts.

According to Lin, the safety inspection committee held a total of 13 meetings, as well as 3 visits by the Japanese committee members, 2 visits by local personnel to Japan, and 1 on-site inspection.

Link to the computer simulation of Taipei Dome evacuation scenario: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-pHs0qafwIEZzBLTUdPN2hCMXM/view?usp=sharing


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