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APO to Offer Free Dog Behavior Training Classes

Poster of the free dog behavior training classDo you have the experience of trying to keep your dog under control as it tries to run everywhere during a walk? Are there classes that can teach doggies how to behave? Noticing the mounting interest among dog owners for such service, the Animal Protection Office (APO) collaborated with the Taipei Companion Dog Association to organize 26 free sessions of dog behavior training class.
Each of these classes will be limited to a small number of participants and will provide 4 free consulting service for each dog. This is an alternative to the Dog and Cat Academy, allowing pet owners to attend class with their furry friends. We welcome those pet owners interested in the course to sign up via this link: (https://reurl.cc/WEQbyk).
According to APO, pet owners are likely to abandon dogs who exhibit severe behavioral problems. That is why the agency cooperated with the Taipei Companion Dog Association to offer these classes. Statistics indicate that behavior problems which dog owners find troublesome about their pets include excessive barking and drastic and uncontrolled movements during walks. Nearly 98% of those attending the class reported that the course has a positive impact on their pets and would like to enroll again.
The classes this year are held early, hoping to provide pet owners a chance to learn more about their furry friends. Upon registration, dog owners can provide background information regarding their pets’ behaviors to the trainers, allowing these experts to assess the canines based on factors such as habits, living environment, and education methods.
The venue for the classes is Tanmei Pet Park in Neihu District, which comes equipped with facilities such as wash tubs and benches. Owners are reminded to make sure that their dogs are inoculated and flea/parasite-free before entering the grounds. Also, remember to bring dog water bottle or cup dish to ensure the canines remain comfortable and hydrated during their stay.
For more information on the classes, please visit APO’s Chinese website (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/) of its Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Taipei.animal.friendly.space/).