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Purchase Secondhand Government Assets at Auction Website Shwoo

Looking for second-hand office equipment at an affordable price? Come visit Shwoo to find a bargain while contributing to the environment by maximizing the use of resources.
Taipei Shwoo Net (http://shwoo.gov.taipei), an auction website dedicated to the sale of second-hand government assets, is managed by Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service (SSLS).
The site has attracted over 7.64 million visitors since its launch in 2008, completing transactions of more than 104,000 items with a combined value of NT$274 million. The platform seeks to promote the virtue of cherishing goods while increasing revenues for the public purse.
According to SSLS, the merchandise on Shwoo comes in a wide variety, spanning computer and other hardware, office equipment, to the most sought-after used vehicles. Items used as collateral for secured loans provided by the agency will also be put up on the website for sale, including diamond rings, digital cameras, and more.
With the agency’s effort in promoting cross-municipality cooperation, a total of 47 local and central government units have joined the ranks of sellers on Shwoo, offering more than 3,116 articles for bidding.
SSLS encourages those interested in exploring available products to register for membership on Shwoo with their email account or mobile phone number. Successful bidders can inspect the goods they’ve purchased at the respective institutions where the goods are located before completing the transaction.