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DEP Promotes Fudekeng, Shanshuilu Parks

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) pointed out that both the Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park and the Shanshuilu Ecological Park are great destinations for the general public to seek out leisure activities.
According to the agency, the vast area of the parks allow for the setting up of various facilities to meet the need of different user groups. To ensure the ease of movement for people like senior citizens, disabled individuals, and baby carriages, these parks offer facilities such as obstacle-free restrooms, parking spaces, outdoor pavilions, and chairs.
In addition, there are pathways with paved surfaces that circle the park parameters, allowing disabled and elderly individuals to enjoy the park on wheelchairs. There are also pebbled walkways for other visitors to explore.
Shanshuilu Ecological Park was originally designed to deliver the experience offered by the great outdoors, as well as serving purposes for environmental education and exercising. In response to public opinion, the agency has built a visitor center – as well as a wooden lodge and 3 pavilions – to allow users to find shelter in case of rain. It is also evaluating the possibility of further expanding the number of pavilions.
At Fudenkeng Park, DEP has dismantled the damaged parts of pavilion racks to prevent accidents and will work on restoring the facilities. Having suffered from wear-and-tear over the years, the wooden walkway inside the park will also undergo necessary repairs.