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Maokong Gondola Annual Inspection and Repair Completed Successfully

* The annual inspection and repair of Maokong Gondola was completed successfully and it will resume operation on June 5 (Wednesday). In addition to notices posted in MRT and Maokong Gondola stations, related information will be announced through the MRT platform information display system, station public announcement, Go! Taipei Metro app, and Taipei Metro Facebook page to encourage the public to make use of the facility.

As per the factory’s recommended inspection and repair cycle, the Maokong Gondola has underwent major repairs and testing to ensure the system’s safety and reliability. This year’s annual inspection and repair took place over a period of 16 days, involving 900 technicians including foreign factory technicians from POMA. The items inspected and repaired include the overhauling of floating bearing, tensioning hydraulic cylinder, main motor, crown gear motor, sheave assembly, and station entrance/exit direction installation, etc. The equipment renewal and improvement items include inverter replacement, electrical system control program configuration, station tracks and the painting of pylons, etc. The annual systems testing include electrical dynamics, loading and operational testing, etc.

During the annual inspection and repair period, outdoor operations could not be performed for 4 days due to lightning in the mountain areas where Maokong Gondola is located. However, the repair crew immediately made adjustments to deliver supplies and carry out indoor inspection and repair, thereby successfully completing the operation.

The total annual ridership of Maokong Gondola in 2018 was over 2.11 million trips, showing an increase of more than 20,000 trips compared with 2.09 million trips in 2017, equivalent to a growth of 1.1%. Last year (2018). The system’s average availability was 99.99%, indicating the reliability of the system and making the facility one of the best performing POMA gondola lift systems worldwide.

Travelers intending to board the Maokong Gondola may head to the Zhinan Temple Station, which is adjacent to an archaic Chinese octagonal gazebo called Yingxian Gazebo and the iconic Zhinan Temple. As a renowned Taoist sanctuary, the temple attracts countless pilgrims every year. Travelers can also freely visit Zhangshan Temple and various hiking trails to enjoy a leisurely time amid the picturesque surroundings. In addition, there are plenty of teahouses and restaurants in the vicinity of the Maokong Station serving refreshing tea or delectable cuisine, marking a perfect conclusion to your journey.

To minimize queuing time, it is advised to make use of Maokong Gondola’s online booking system. One day prior to boarding the Maokong Gondola, please log on to the Taipei e-services online website, click on Maokong Gondola Booking System within TRTC Service List, select the riding date, the type of cabin, time, and print out the Maokong Gondola Booking Form to complete the booking procedure. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the time spent waiting in the queue and plan your journey more efficiently. Online booking system website: (https://ssl.metro.taipei/gondolabooking/).

For related information, please contact the company’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345, 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) or the company’s website (http://www.metro.taipei/).