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UCLG-ASPAC Congress Returns to Taipei in 2014

Taipei City will be hosting the fifth United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) Congress in 2014.
The fourth UCLG-ASPAC Congress, which included plenary meetings and election for representatives and the presidency for 2012-2014, was held in Jakarta from October 2 through October 5.
During the session on October 4, Taipei City defeated fellow candidates from the PRC and India and won the hosting rights of the fifth UCLG-ASPAC Congress.
Founded in April 2004 in Taipei City, UCLG-ASPAC is the world’s largest organization for local governments, with membership exceeding 1,000 entities. Some of the members include Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Jakarta, and Bangkok. The UCLG-ASPAC Congress is held biannually since 2006. Past host cities include Daegu, Pattaya, and Hamamatsu.
Attending the meeting on behalf of the city government, Deputy Mayor Chen Hsiung-wen remarked that it is a special thing for Taipei, the place where the founding event of the organization was held, to host the UCLG-ASPAC Congress after ten years. The city government will not miss out on promoting the city itself and the upcoming 2017 Universiade during the fifth congress.