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DOED Supports Startups - Soteria Biotech Successfully Taps into the Dutch Market

* The Department of Economic Development (DOED) is dedicated to creating an innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs and providing abundant resources and assistance for startups in Taipei City. Thanks to the agency’s Startup@Taipei Program and Taipei City Subsidies for Startups to Participate in Overseas Entrepreneurial Programs, Soteria Biotech successfully made contact with local businesses in the Netherlands, and now the company is set to tap into the European market!

Soteria Biotech specializes in diagnosing if a patient has Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) through medical imaging, computational fluid dynamics, computational solid mechanics, cloud platform, and big data analysis within a short amount of time. The technology is also capable of determining the severity of OSA, and it is used in developing diagnostic and treatment-related products.

Since becoming part of the DOED’s Rising Star Program in 2017 (renamed as the Startup@Taipei Program in 2019), Soteria Biotech has received the FastForward50 Self-Health Management Innovation Award at the Dutch eHealth week in early 2019. Thereafter, when the company attended the TNW conference in the Netherlands in May of the same year with grants from Taipei City Subsidies for Startups to Participate in Overseas Entrepreneurial Programs, numerous enterprises expressed a high level of interest in Soteria Biotech’s products, and they have exchanged contact information with the company for future collaboration purposes.

While in the Netherlands, Soteria Biotech also met with University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands through the vast network of U-zelf (healthcare platform) to conduct product testing and verification, as well as the business model appropriate for the Dutch market, thereby successfully liaising with local manufacturers in the Netherlands. Soteria Biotech has expressed sincere gratitude to the DOED for their tirelessness throughout its entrepreneurial process (bespoke guidance from industry professionals, partnering sessions, media exposure, and participation in overseas exhibitions). In the future, it will continue developing the European market!

The DOED commented that it will carry on promoting resources such as assistance and overseas grants in the future in order to help startups to expand the international market, so as to increase the international reputation of startups in Taipei City and build it into the premier Asian metropolis for startups.

For more Startup@Taipei-related information, please browse the Startup@Taipei official website and Facebook fan page, or contact 1999 (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) #6498 and 1431. Alternatively, please visit the Startup@Taipei office (1st Floor, North Wing, Taipei City Hall. No.1, City Hall Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City).