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Monthly Pass Now Available for Co-branded EasyCard/Debit Card holders

Great news for holders of Co-branded EasyCard/Debit EasyCard! The monthly pass that grants holders to limitless ride on MRT and buses will be available for purchase for the aforementioned card holders starting Thursday, July 5.
To purchase the NT$1280 Monthly Pass, cardholders can simply visit any staff of the 117 MRT stations across Taipei and New Taipei cities and purchase the pass from either the automated add-venue machines or the information booths.
The purchase of the pass can be conducted without the need to add cash to the machines. Cardholders can select the option “Automatic Add-value” from the list of services offered by the kiosk. The staff at the information booths can also assist cardholders if they are unsure about how to operate the machines.
As a reminder, EasyCard add-value machines will automatically determine the amount added (500 NT, 1000 NT, or 1500 NT) based on the current balance inside the co-brand/debit card used. After adding the machine-determined value to the card, the charge of 1280 NT will be subtracted, with the remaining sum becoming the new balance of the electronic wallet. For debit EastCard users, please make sure that there is enough cash in the linked bank account before using the add-value service.
For Co-branded EasyCard without automatic add-value feature, card holders can bring their cards to the add-value machines at MRT stations or convenience stores (7-11, FamilyMart, High Life, or OK) to activate the function.
Monthly Pass Now Available for Co-branded EasyCard/Debit Card holders