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Police Officers Promote Anti-drug Campaigns on Mother's Day

* On May 4, at the Zhangwen Village Office in Wenshan District, Taipei City Government hosted the annual Mother's Day thanksgiving event at the Taipei Jingmei Girls High School.

In addition to ballroom dancing, Chinese orchestra, Tai Chi, and Hakka folk song performances, there were also stalls offering hot meals, delicacies, and soup to visitors. Furthermore, the Crime Prevention Promotion Team from Wenshan First Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department also conducted anti-drug, anti-fraud campaigns and promoted women and children's safety-related information at the scene, so as to let crime prevention efforts reach every family and community during the event.

The police indicated that fraud and drugs severely affect people's quality of life, especially with the diversity of drugs available today at the decreasing age of drug users. It is hoped that law enforcement officers will be able to interact and forge a bond with the public while letting them understand anti-drug and anti-fraud techniques as well as the deadly hazards of drugs.

On the other hand, exquisite promotional gifts were also handed out to the crowd, hoping to raise awareness on different scamming techniques such as scammers posing as public officials and requesting people to cancel installment payments at the ATM, in turn minimizing the chances of being defrauded.

According to Wenshan First Precinct, in order to create a drug-free, livable and safe community together, related campaigns have been launched to let the public participate in crime prevention and reinforce the concept of self-protection. It is hoped that the campaigns will foster community safety awareness among the public, reduce the crime rate, and facilitate the creation of a safe living environment.