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Maokong Gondola: Summer Vacation Promotional Price for Students Under 18

* The Maokong Gondola is ready to celebrate summer vacation with you! Maokong Gondola has designed plenty of fun, affordable itineraries for students in the country under the age of 18, so take advantage of this NT$50 per trip summer vacation special offer from July 1 to August 31.

Additionally, Taipei citizens and elementary school children aged 6-12 may also enjoy the NT$50 per trip price concession, so hurry up and hop on the Maokong Gondola during the holiday!

During summer break, junior high school, senior high school and vocational school students in the country under the age of 18 are entitled to take advantage of the NT$50 per trip special offer. Simply approach the service desk at the Maokong Gondola station and present your valid student ID card to purchase the single-trip ticket at concession prices and enter the station by swiping your card.

In addition, Maokong Gondola would like to remind all Taipei citizens to present their ID card when boarding the gondola in order to enjoy the NT$50 per trip concession. Besides Maokong Gondola's official website, relevant notices have also been posted at the entrance and ticket vending machine of the Maokong Gondola station. A public announcement is also up by the ticket barrier. If tourists have any question regarding swiping the card, please inform the station staff and they will provide immediate assistance.

To minimize queuing time, visitors are advised to make use of Maokong Gondola’s online booking system. One day prior to boarding the Maokong Gondola, please log on to the Taipei e-services online website, click on Maokong Gondola Booking System within TRTC Service List, select the riding date, the type of cabin, time, and print out the Maokong Gondola Booking Form to complete the booking procedure. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the time spent waiting in the queue and plan your journey more efficiently. Online booking system website: (https://ssl.metro.taipei/gondolabooking/).