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Renowned Chinese Painting Animation Show Comes to Expo Dome

A high-tech, animated replica of the renowned Chinese painting “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” is now on display at Expo Dome in the Yuanshan Park. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 30, Mayor Hau Lung-bin joined officials from Shanghai to mark the start of the exhibition.
Other attending dignitaries include KMT Honorary Chairman Wu Po-hsiung and Vice Chairman of Straits Exchange Foundation Kao Koong-lian.
Transforming an ancient Chinese painting into a showcase comprising computer animation and 3D graphics, the scroll featuring moving subjects took the 2010 Shanghai World Expo by storm.
The loan of “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” testifies to the amicable relationship between Taipei and Shanghai, as well as taking another step in the direction of strengthening cooperation.
Recalling the excitement when he first saw the work during an official visit to the Shanghai Expo last summer, Hau expressed his amazement at how a thousand-year-old art work can “come to life” through the combination of creativity and technology. He added that the moving picture vividly recreates the daily life of commoners during Northern Song Dynasty.
Following the opening ceremony, Hau and the dignitaries entered Expo Dome to appreciate the animated scroll. Accompanied by a professional guide, they marveled at the movements shown by the characters inside the painting.