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Free Health Check-ups for Taipei’s Senior Residents in 2019

Priority Groups May Apply Early Starting February 21
*The Department of Health (DOH) is offering health check-ups to senior citizens again in 2019 starting Tuesday, March 5. The agency has contracted 30 hospitals to perform 45,200 health check-ups.
Elderly from special groups are given a priority time window from 7AM, Thursday February 21, through 7PM, Tuesday February 26, to book their appointments online (other elderly residents will have to wait until March 5). Seniors in special groups are: elderly residents above 65 years of age living alone; elderly residents in low-income households; elderly residents in middle-low-income households; elderly residents with physical or mental disabilities, and elderly indigenous residents above 55 years of age.
Anyone of those groups holding an ROC ID Card with household registered in Taipei City may, by themselves or with the help of relatives, book an appointment online through DOH at https://aged.health.gov.tw. Those without Internet access may call the Taipei Senior Services Hotline at 0800-031-889 (toll-free) 7AM to 7PM between February 18 and March 24. The hotline’s service agents will book an appointment through the online system based on the caller’s information and preferences.
Senior citizens with hearing disabilities may use the Fax Service Hotline at 03-3019 799. From February 21 through February 26, they may provide their full name, National ID number, three hospitals for the check-up in descending order of preference, and contact details (fax, phone, or email) to the fax number above. Upon receipt, a service agent will book the appointment and inform the senior citizen concerned of the date, time, hospital, address, and other matters requiring their attention.
Booking system available for all senior Taipei residents on March 5
DOH Commissioner Huang Shier-chieg reminds elderly residents above 65 years of age and living in Taipei City that the online appointment booking system and onsite registration in hospitals will open starting March 5. The online appointment booking system will be open from 7AM March 5 through 7PM March 12 (or until all hospitals are fully booked, whichever comes earlier). Onsite registration in hospitals will run March 5-12; those registration times are set and announced by the hospitals. Special reminder: Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, and MacKay Memorial Hospital Taipei Branch only allow online appointment booking, they do not allow onsite registration. The other 27 hospitals offer both online appointment booking and onsite registration from 7AM March 5 through 7AM March 12 (or until they are fully booked, whichever comes earlier).
Senior residents that have booked appointments through this program must take a number at the hospital as usual and follow the hospital’s registration requirements. The hospitals have the right to keep or cancel the registration of those who are not qualified or who do not follow the hospital’s registration requirements.
Elderly health check-up offers annually alternating options A and B
Elderly residents must choose either one of health check-up Option A or Option B. Both options include a basic examination consisting of health history, physical assessment, depression screening, cognitive function assessment, and routine urine assay, routine blood assay, biochemical assay (for albumin, globulin, uric acid, blood urea nitrogen), fecal occult blood test, and fecal immunochemical test. Option A offers the basic examination plus a thyroid-stimulating hormone immunoassay, electrocardiogram, α-fetoprotein examination, and chest X-ray examination, while Option B offers the basic examination plus an abdominal ultrasound examination. After the health check-up, the hospital will offer healthcare advice and referrals as needed. Option A is available every year, but elderly residents that chose Option B in 2018, must choose Option A in 2019. Option B can be chosen again in 2020. Elderly residents that have not used the adult preventive health consultation this year may combine it with their senior citizen health check-up.
Use the free health check-up to save money and your health!
Senior citizens over 65 years of age are eligible for one adult preventive health care consultation per year. This service, subsidized by the Health Promotion Administration (HPA) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, covers a physical examination, depression screening, biochemical assay, and health consultation. For further information about booking this service at HPA-contracted hospitals, contact the toll-free Taipei Senior Services Hotline at 0800-031-889, any one of the 12 Taipei City Health Centers (each district has one), each contracted hospital, the Taipei Department of Health telephone service line (Tel: 1999 ext. 1801~1801), the Taipei Department of Health website (https://health.gov.taipei; page link: https://goo.gl/z2U2rE), or the websites, telephone lines, or information desks of the HPA-contracted hospitals.