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City to Expand Driver License Drop-off Stations for Senior Citizens

Contents of the gift set for senior citizens who return their driver’s license at designated stationsAccording to statistics from the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD), there has been a total of 757 traffic accidents with casualties involving drivers of ages 65 or older in 2020. This showed an increase of 23.7-percent (145 more cases) when compared to the same period in 2019.
To encourage senior drivers to return their driver’s license, the Department of Transportation (DOT) joined hands with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications’ Directorate General of Highway to implement a campaign to expand the list of venues for returning senior citizens’ driver license.
Currently, the city government offers both in-person driver’s license return and multiple channels for the submission of voluntary surrender forms. These include submission via mail, fax, the governing authority’s LINE account, or email. To provide additional incentives, driver’s license return (along with required forms) will also be accepted at selected public parking lots and the fines counter at the Traffic Adjudication Office starting April 15.
According to DOT, senior citizens age 75 and over who return their driver’s license at the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office or designated counters of Taipei’s district offices (those dropping off the license on behalf of elderly family members need to produce both his/her ID and the senior citizen’s ID) will be eligible to receive a gift set comprising a 450-g rice pack, a reflective bracelet, and a pamphlet for senior citizens.
The agency encourages senior citizens to surrender their driver’s license and take public transportation more often. They should also remember to wear clothing of light colors to maximize their own safety and abide by traffic lights and rules when crossing the street.