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Green Mosquito Control Measures Adopted at Daan Forest Park

Green mosquito controls at Daan Forest ParkRecent visitors at Daan Forest Park probably noticed a drop in the number of mosquitoes. This phenomenon signifies the success of the green mosquito control measures implemented at the park by the Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation since 2014.
According to the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO), the project’s researchers often have to explore different spots across the park with rolled up sleeves to attracte these pests and determine their exact types. From the map produced through such efforts, they are able to identify the hotspots and concentrate mosquito control effort at these locations.
After rainstorms have passed, the researchers will rush to the park and locate areas with standing water and cyanobacteria to conduct tiny black mosquito prevention with sand carpeting. Other environmentally-friendly mosquito prevention methods adopted include the use of Metarhizium anisopliae and Bacillus thuringiensis.
In addition, the foundation regularly holds classes on eco-friendly mosquito prevention to train young helpers. Through hands-on experiences and onsite patrols, these young students can learn more about the habits of mosquitoes and the keys of green mosquito controls.
Director Wang of PSLO Youth Park Section remarked that the mosquito survey divides the park into 21 areas. During an observation routine conducted in June of 2021, the maximum number of mosquitoes spotted in 10-minute cycles was 4, testifying to the success of green mosquito control efforts. To maintain the achievements, PSLO will continue to strengthen environment cleaning.