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Pineapple Cake Fiesta Kicks off in Taipei

The annual competition to determine the best pineapple cake kicked off at the Flora Expo Park on August 17.
The theme of this year’s Pineapple Cake Festival is rice and pineapple, attracting a total of 96 bakeries across Taiwan to compete for this top honor.
After fierce competition, the first place of traditional pineapple cake category went to Shun Chen Bakery, while KONIG Foods Company is declared the winner of the creative rice pineapple cake category.
Taipei City Government has organized the event for six consecutive years, hoping to find partners in promoting this special treat and contributing to the growth of local bakery industry. Through years of effort, the pineapple cake business has developed from a NT$2 billion industry to one that nets NT$25 billion.
Hau pointed out that pineapple cakes are truly “golden nuggets” with great commercial values. They make great souvenirs for both foreign visitors and locals who are visiting friends or families abroad.
Recalling seeing a lot of shops selling “Taipei pineapples” during his previous visit to Shanghai, the mayor said this shows the success of promotion efforts, making pineapple cakes a “brand” of this city along with beef noodles.
Agriculture and Food Agency Deputy Director-general You Sheng-feng called on the public to eat more rice and pineapple cakes, to create more demand for the agriculture industry.