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Seven Recommended Riverbank Spots for Watching New Year Fireworks

Huge crowds are expected when the New Year countdown reaches its climax as fireworks are set off at Taipei 101 and Miramar Entertainment Park. To offer an alternative place to watch the spectacles, Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) invites the public to visit seven recommended riverbank spots across the city.
The top choice for a great view of the pyrotechnic show at Taipei 101 is the Rainbow Riverbank Park between Minquan Bridge and MacArthur Bridge No.1, according to HEO. Located to the north northeast of the landmark skyscraper of Taipei, the bridge sits at a position where the fireworks smoke blown by the northeast winds will not weaken the visual effects of the display.

In addition, it is recommended that residents find a spot at Meiti or Guanshan riverbank park for a clear view of Taipei 101 fireworks. The camping site at Huazhong Riverside Park and Rainbow Bridge adjacent to Raohe Night Market also make good choices as they are in the vicinity of parking lots and where portable toilets are available.
For those who wish to take in the dazzling pyrotechnic spectacles at both the Taipei 101 and Miramar Entertainment Park, Yingfeng and Dajia parks on the banks of Keelung River are the optimal locations.