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Children from Remote Regions Embark on MRT Exploration Tour

Children from schools in remote parts of Taiwan at the MRT DepotThe Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s (TRTC) charity project “Bringing Students from Remote Regions to Taipei’s MRT” is now in its third year. For 2022, the organizer extended invitations to students from Bihou Elementary School in Yilan County, Tbulan Elementary School in Taichung City, Ruibei Elementary School in Hualian County, and Guangfu Elementary School in Hualian County to visit Taipei. 


During the inaugural year of the project in 2020, TRTC selected outstanding indigenous workers from a pool of 6,000 company employees to “give back” to their respective alma maters. The project brings company employees to schools located in the more remote parts of the island to interact face-to-face with students. It also involves bringing these students to attend in-depth tour of Taipei’s MRT system. 


Over the past three years, TRTC employees visited destinations such as Guangfu Elementary School and Ruibei Elementary School in Hualian; Lijia, Danan, and Binlang elementary schools in Taitung County; Bihou Elementary School in Yilan County, and Tbulan Elementary School in Taichung City. With the pandemic subsiding, the company invited the students of these schools to come to Taipei to experience the city’s metro system this year.


The “Bringing Students from Remote Regions to Taipei’s MRT” project is hosted by TRTC. Participating students embarked on a 3-days-2-nights tour of Taipei’s metro system. They visited the high-security-level Operation Control Center, experienced the Evacuation Experience Workshop, took the Maokong Gondola, enjoyed rides at Taipei Children’s Amusement Center, and relaxed at the TRTC Beitou Resort.


Furthermore, the participants had a chance to introduce the culture and customs of their indigenous tribes to tourists in English, with help from TRTC employees working in the English, IT, and Group Activities divisions. 


For more information, please call the TRTC 24-hour customer service hotline (02-218-12345) or visit the company’s Chinese website (https://www.metro.taipei/).