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Mayor: Minister of the Interior Promises New Standards for Police Allowances by January 20

Mayor Ko Wen-je received a report on the recent controversy over the allowances for police officers serving in the capital city from Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji on January 6.
According to Teng, he received a call from Minister Chen Wei-zen of the Ministry of the Interior regarding this issue.
Minister Chen pointed out that the National Police Agency (NPA) will invite municipal police departments from across the nation to discuss the issue of police allowance, hoping to establish a new standard based on the principles of “different work, different pay” and putting a cap on the maximum level of allowances before January 20.
The new standard will be made retroactive to January 1, 2015 to safeguard the rights of police officers of Taipei City Police Department.
The mayor remarked that the implementation of policies requires thorough communication to avoid leaving related agencies at loss. He hopes that NPA will discuss the issue with municipal police departments as soon as possible, and that Taipei City’s police officers will receive a reasonable treatment.