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APO Limited Edition Calendar Features Well-Known Models

Mayor Ko at the press conference for the APO limited edition calendar. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2020 Adopt Pets, Don’t Buy calendar unveiling press conference on November 14.

The calendar is a joint initiative between the Taipei City Animal Protection Office and EeLin Entertainment. Mayor Ko commented during his speech that the campaign is designed to encourage people to adopt cats and dogs from the Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS). From now until January 2020, citizens adopting dogs or cats from the TAS will receive a limited-edition calendar and multiple complimentary services including pet chip registration, neutering, and polyvalent vaccines, such as rabies vaccine, as well as health examination and one-year pet health insurance coverage.

According to Ko, the TAS currently houses approximately 900 animals, of which 90% are mongrels (mixed breed). Statistically speaking, the adoption rate at the shelter is not very optimistic, as most dogs and cats will stay for over 300 days in the TAS. In other words, the majority of the animals in the facility are over one year old, where more than 90% of the dogs are one year of age or older. Since they are not being adopted, these animals have no choice but to continue to stay in the TAS.

The mayor suggested that it is hoped activities with incentives will encourage everyone to adopt their pets from the TAS. Besides the facility, Taipei City Government also approached 9 pet stores to help with the TAS’s adoption event.

Lastly, Mayor Ko appealed to the public to adopt pets instead of purchasing them, and that people must take full responsibility for taking care of their fur babies. Most importantly, do not abandon them at will. If citizens are looking to raise pets, they are welcome to adopt dogs and cats from the TAS.