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MRT Danfeng, Huilong Stations to Open June 29

Mayor Hau Lung-bin announced that two more new MRT stations—Danfeng and Huilong stations on Xinzhuang Line--will be inaugurated at 2 PM on June 29. Passengers using the EasyCard will enjoy a one-month long discount travelling through the route between the two stations.

From June 29 to July 28, the newly opened MRT route (Danfeng-Huilong) will not be included in fare calculation if passengers enter or exit at either of the two MRT stations. In addition, passengers tranferring between bus and MRT within one hour will enjoy preferential offers. Individuals should note that single-journey ticket holders will not be eligible for any discount during their ride.

For example, during the month following the opening of the stations, the fare for EasyCard travellers riding between MRT Huilong and Fu Jen University stations will be zero (originally charged at NT$16). Other discount examples: Huilong-Touqianzhuang (NT$20 - > NT$16); Huilong-Taipei Main Station (NT$32 - > NT$28); Huilong-Tamsui (NT$52 - > NT$48); Huilong-Taipei City Hall (NT36 - > NT$32).

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation estimated that the implementation of the discount program will benefit an average of 21,000 riders per day, or a total of 630,000 passengers during the entire period. The amount discounted from fares is expected to be NT$2.82 million approximately.

For more information, please visit the TRTC website (http://english.trtc.com.tw/) or call the 24/7 TRTC customer service hotline (02) 218-12345.