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Taipei Main Station Smartens Up

Taipei Main Station Smartens Up“Smart Taipei Railway Station,” a collaborative project between Department of Transportation (DOT) and Askey Computer Group, has borne fruit as Deputy Mayor Charles Lin announced the upcoming launch of a navigation app for Taipei Main Station on March 16.
The app uses Beacon to locate users and offers useful features such as indoor navigation of the station, traffic information, suggestions for shopping and dining, smart parking information, and message notification. It will be launched by end of March for Android and mid-April for iOS.
During a try-out session, the development team guided Deputy Mayor Lin, DOT Commissioner Chen Shyue-tair, Askey CEO Robert Lin, and other guests to experience the tool firsthand as well as smart kiosks.
The kiosks are installed to provide traffic information search service, floor guide, search service for food and places of interests, and space to run PSAs.
“Smart Taipei Railway Station” project focuses on five aspects: smart signage (kiosk), indoor navigation and positioning, tourism and traffic application, safety monitoring system, and smart parking solutions. DOT and Askey Computer Group will continue incorporating user feedbacks into future improvement efforts after the hardware and software are put to use.