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Mayor Kicks-off 2016 Taipei International Lantern Festival

Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the Expo Park to light up the main lantern, kicking-off the 2016 Taipei International Lantern Festival on February 21.
During his address, the mayor admitted that he suffered from anxiety after noting the opinions of citizens about the main lantern earlier on. However, after activating the main lantern and seeing the light show himself, he believes that while it is too early to say whether the city government can fully reclaim its credibility, it should be safe to say that the worst case scenario has been averted.
However, Ko also reminded the audience that the Lantern Festival also marks the end of Chinese New Year, and everyone should put their attention back to their work.
The mayor took the opportunity to tour the different display zones across the lantern festival venue. He also attended the lantern quiz show, taking on the role of the quiz-giver to present three riddles and awarding those answering correctly with gifts.
Responding to media questions about changes to next year’s Taipei International Lantern Festival, the mayor pointed out that the event in 2017 will be handled by the Department of Information Technology.