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Mayor Inspects Feitsui Reservoir, Calls on Public to Conserve Water

In light of the ongoing draught across the island, Mayor Ko Wen-je embarked on an inspection trip to the Feitsui Reservoir and attended a briefing by the staff on March 28.
Following the briefing, the mayor noted that Taipei has been successful in avoiding water rationing as of today due to the presence of the reservoir. Current numbers show that the water supply is enough to hold through the end of June.
However, with the exception of Taipei City, Taiwan is battling the toughest draught in sixty years. While Taipei has yet to limit the use of water, it will support water use of New Taipei City. The mayor pointed out that the City supplies New Taipei with about 1.2 million tons of water per day. It will boost the amount by 440,000 tons once the new pipes have been installed.
In addition, it will provide water to industries in areas facing water shortage. The water pickup location will also be expanded from 6 to 18, allowing easier access for water trucks.
The mayor pointed out that Taipei City will also devise water conservation measures, but will adopt incentives which are more human-centered. City government agencies should also take the lead in saving water, remarked the mayor. For example, the Public Work Department employs reclaimed water for watering plants and mopping floors.