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CMO Conducts Safety Spot Checks at Department Store, Big Box Retailer

Agency staff inspecting the fire exitWith the ongoing anniversary sales at various department stores and big box retailers in town, the Construction Management Office (CMO) conducted a series of random spot checks starting October 5. The inspections target the aforementioned venues and examine 34 locations during this period.
On the first day of spot checks, the following venues were randomly selected: A-Mart Jingmei store, Costco Neihu Store, Eslite Nanxi Store, and Far-eastern Department Store Xinyi Store. Among these sites, A-Mart Jingmei Store failed to clear the inspections.
According to CMO, a problem cited during the inspection at A-Mart Jingmei Store was the failure of the fire escape door to shut properly and improvements were unable to be implemented during the visit. Even though a film provided afterwards indicated that the issue has been resolved, the store still received a fine of NT$120,000.
A follow-up visit to the A-Mart can take place anytime within two days of the initial inspection. If staff members discover any incompliances, it will issue an additional fine of NT$300,000, with the disconnection of power and water as possible measures. 
Director Liu Mei-hsiu of CMO pointed out that the city government has conducted public safety inspections during the department store anniversary sales period for many years. Most companies anticipate such spot checks and do their best to prevent goods from blocking fire escapes and passages. These inspections help remind businesses to strengthen fire safety precautions.
If you notice hazards such as boxes blocking fire escapes and emergency exits or obstacles in the way of roll-up fire doors and smoke exhaust ducts, contact CMO immediately (TEL: 02-2720-8889, ext. 8387).