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Taipei Zoo to Celebrate Halloween with Zoolloween

Taipei Zoo to Celebrate Halloween with ZoolloweenKids are excited about the upcoming Halloween event, and so is Taipei Zoo! The zoo will be holding a series of event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Zoolloween” – a fun and scary event merging the festival of ghosts and monsters with knowledge about wildlife and conservation.
Starting with the “Ten Shades of Animals” exhibition in early October, the Zoolloween activity will reach a climax with the masquerade evening party “Party TEN!!!” on Halloween (Saturday, October 27).
The exhibition offers information on the threats endangering wildlife and how animals struggle to survive in the face of hazards ranging from environmental destructions to road kills to bear traps.
For the evening party “Party TEN!!!,” the organizers have invited NGO organizations and enterprises to set up booths and sponsor related activities. Participants can enjoy the games and take part in raffles! Online registration for the party will be open to the public starting at 10 AM on October 5. Positions are limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible!
For more information on related activities, please visit the Chinese website (http://www.zoo.gov.tw/) or Facebook fan page of Taipei Zoo in Chinese (http://www.facebook.com/TaipeiZoo).