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Don't Let Traffic Accidents Ruin Your Good Traveling Mood During Chinese New Year! Take Photos of the Accident Scene with Your Smartphone

Traffic Safety Lecture Hall photo When planning family trips during the Chinese New Year holiday, many people are concerned about traffic jams; when encountering an accident on the road, besides dialing 110 to report the accident, there is a smarter approach than getting bogged down in a traffic jam with other road users waiting for police to arrive!

To prevent minor accidents from causing secondary accidents due to stationary vehicles left on the road (and in turn resulting in traffic congestion), the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) urges the public to take photos or videos of the vehicles' positions and marks in addition to the traditional way of marking the road with crayon.

The Traffic Division explained that quickly marking the positions and removing the vehicles will not only decrease the risk of secondary accidents but also expeditiously alleviate traffic jams while enhancing road safety and smooth traffic flow.

TCPD has provided 5 principles of taking photos and positioning at the accident scene:

  1. Place an emergency warning triangle;
  2. Take a photo of the entire scene (including road markings);
  3. Take a photo of impact points (damages on the vehicle);
  4. Move your vehicle to a safe roadside location as soon as possible;
  5. Pay attention to safety while taking photos and relocating vehicles.
In order to help the public understand the process, the Traffic Division has produced the “Accident Scene Photography” demonstration short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNJBpecv7WA). Citizens may also click on the video link on the TCPD Traffic Division's Facebook to view the video, and can also subscribe to its YouTube channel. Everyone is welcome to share the information with their classmates, coworkers, families, and friends in order to receive the latest and most accurate road safety-related messages.

The agency perceives great importance in upholding road safety and smooth traffic flow in a bid to protect citizens' safety; therefore, it has vigorously stepped up efforts in road safety campaigns as well as accident and law enforcement. According to the National Police Agency's statistics, the fatality of A1 category accidents (death within 24 hours) per every 100,000 people in Taipei City was 3.12 in 2019, the lowest figure in the country! TCPD will continue to strengthen its road safety-related work in order to protect everyone's safety and let them enjoy a prosperous and peaceful year!