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Ko Breaks Ground for Demolishing Zhongxiao Bridge Ramp

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction involving the dismantling of Zhongxiao Bridge Ramp and adjustment of road shape in the adjacent area on February 1.
During his address, he noted that the removal of the bridge signals the first step of the West District Gateway Project. What had been scheduled for completion in three months was reevaluated based on Taipei’s traffic conditions and the consequences of closing Zhongxiao West Road for prolonged period of time. Therefore, the city government decided to kick-off construction during the Chinese New Year, taking advantage of the period when traffic flow is relatively low.
The mayor took the opportunity to thank Hwang Chang General Contractor Co. for undertaking the tough task. He also expressed his gratitude to all city government staff involved in the demolition works, who have to sacrifice their holiday for the mission.
At the ceremony, Ko revealed that he has appointed Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong as the project convener, responsible for supervising follow-up works after the structure has been dismantled. He hopes that the resurrection of Beimen, or North Gate, will be completed in the shortest time possible to bring life to the first-grade historical monument.
In response to media questions about his confidence in demolishing the bridge ramp on schedule, the mayor stressed that it is not a matter of confidence but a plan that must be executed and completed within the designated time frame.