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NCO Announces Plans for New Social Welfare Building in Zhongzheng District

In light of the growth in Taipei’s elderly population, the New Construction Office is working on a new facility to cater to the needs of senior citizens. The Chengzhong Section Social Welfare Building will include a number of facilities and venues for social interaction and learning.
The city government plans to establish a senior citizen service center-cum-day care center for each administrative district in Taipei.
Facilities in the building will include standard classrooms, computer classrooms, multi-functional activity rooms, and sports and recreation spaces. The Department of Social Welfare plans to offer various activities targeting senior citizens, allowing them to enrich their daily lives and share their experiences with each other.
Located at the intersection of Yanping South Road and Guiyang Street, the 7-story-tall building with 3 basement floors will take up 2,389 square meters of land.
The main body of construction is slated for completion by the end of June 2016.