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Drill Checks Readiness of Emergency Operations Center

Mayor Hau Lung-bin instituted an impromptu drill spotlighting a flooding scenario to check on the preparedness of city staff during times of crisis. The drill kicked off at the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) starting 7 AM on July 8.
According to the mayor, the city learned much through the recent disasters including the torrential rain in mid-June and Typhoon Talim. He stressed that it is important for the staff of city hall to incorporate the experience and shoulder the responsibilities.
Deputy Mayor Chen noted that the City has adjusted the details on the criteria for setting up level 1 and level 2 emergency operation centers. In the future, any torrential rain advisory issued by the Central Weather Bureau will signal the beginning of preparations, and the decision on whether the center is established or not will fall on the hourly rainfall.
The mayor also requested that the center closely monitor the situation at all neighborhoods and take heed of reports from residents who call the 1999 Citizen Hotline. These information sources, combined with police stations and neighborhood police posts across Taipei, will allow decision makers to keep track of floods and disasters more accurately.
He also added that in the future, when the Emergency Operations Center is in operation, high level officials will be asked to inspect local neighborhoods as a part of their duty, allowing the eyes and ears of the mayor to be at the site and observe the situation to allow more timely responses.