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EasyCard Chairman Resigns

During a press conference on May 6, EasyCard Corporation Chairman Sean Lien announced his resignation. Mayor Hau Lung-bin praised Lien for his outstanding leadership, implementing a number of important policies during his 20-month stay with the company.
Lien said he is very grateful for the mayor’s approval. He noted that when people use the EasyCard, they would take the “beep” sound from the convenient store reader as something for granted. However, obstacles and challenges have waylaid the path to the realization of this policy. Fortunately, the mayor’s support allowed him and his staff to put their attention on achieving the objective.
Citing his health and family as the main reasons for leaving his job, Lien commented that the “party is over.” Responding to the media about what he plans to do next, he joked that the immediate plan is to take his son to the zoo before anything else.
The mayor stressed that the outgoing chairman has accomplished remarkable deeds – issuing 300,000 co-branded credit card with eight major banks, transforming the EasyCard into an electronic wallet usable for small-sum purchases at stores, and expanding the number of stores and businesses accepting EasyCard to 12,000.
Under Lien, EasyCard Corporation went from a company in the red (losing NT$200 million at the beginning of his term) to a profitable firm in the black (the company reported earnings of NT$100 million in 2009). The mayor thanked him for turning the company around and infusing the employees with vitality and motivation.