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Book Drop Boxes Now Available at 10 MRT Stations

Wondering where to dispose of unwanted books or publications?
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that it will team up with Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) to install book drop boxes at 10 MRT stations along Xinyi, Tamsui, Wenhu, Bannan, and Xinlu lines.
The 10 stations selected include Houshanpi, Xiangshan, Linguang, Wanfang Community, Dazhi, Dahu Park, Yuanshan, Jiantan, Xingtian Temple, and Xinbeitou.
Since the establishment of Yanhui Book Warehouse, the facility has provided a great number of disadvantaged students and groups with access to reading materials. To expand operations regarding used book donations, DEP collaborated with department stores, supermarkets, and bookstores to set up book drop boxes in 2014.
With MRT stations’ increasing importance as transportation hubs, DEP believes that setting up book donation boxes across the MRT network will see more books received, thanks to the convenience provided to passengers.
As major entrance exams have drawn to a conclusion, DEP calls upon junior and senior high school students to donate reference books to Yanhui Book Warehouse for the benefit of younger students.
According to the agency, Yanhui Book Warehouse online platform has reported over 90 times of use from municipalities outside Taipei since its launch. Social welfare organizations have also shown interest in the collection amassed by the used book warehouse.