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Cross-city Hiking Trail Challenge Attract over 100 Participants

Cross-city Hiking Trail Challenge Attract over 100 ParticipantsThe Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) reported that the number of participants of the agency-sponsored cross-city hike event has reached the milestone of 100th individual!
To encourage citizens to join the ranks of hikers and adventurers, in addition to offering those who complete the challenge one sports towel, it has decided to present each 100th individual (100th, 200th, 300th , etc.) a special souvenir.
According to the agency, the complete 92-kilometer trail of the cross-city hike was first announced at the press conference on September 17. Reports of individuals completing the challenge began to arrive during the first week, with the 100th participant finishing the hike within the first two month.
Chief Chen of GEO’s Industrial and Trail Section pointed out that the details of the grand trail can be found on either the agency’s reactional activity website or its Facebook fan page (see below). Interested individuals can also pick up the activity brochure of the hiking trail challenge at the agency’s office. He noted that hiking is an ideal activity for the autumn season and invites the public to try out and complete the once-in-a-lifetime challenge.  
For more information on the cross-city hike, please visit the activity’s Chinese Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Taipei.Trail/), the Chinese website of GEO’s recreational activity listing (http://gisweb.taipei.gov.tw/release/), or the Chinese website of the agency (http://www.geo.gov.taipei).