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Super-Hot! Free Cycling Summer Camp – Online Registration Begins June 30

* The highly popular free summer camp is here! Do you have children at home who want to learn cycling? The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of Public Works Department and Kanmy Enterprise Co. jointly organized the Schoolchildren's Cycling Summer Camp for children who from 6 years of age to third graders. Parental accompaniment is required.

The course will take place at Guanshan Bicycle Rental Station at Guanshan Riverside Park. Online registration begins at 10:00 on June 30 (https://www.beclass.com/rid=22415935cff0f59854fd).

According to the HEO, the Schoolchildren's Cycling Summer Camp is a free course providing free children's bicycles, helmets, protective gear, and insurance. A total of 8 sessions will be conducted over the summer vacation in July and August (14:00-17:00). The courses will be carried out by professional instructors, showing children how to achieve balance and experience the fun of riding a bicycle while learning something new.

The HEO indicated that in order to provide each child with the best experience, each session will accommodate up to 20 students, and a minimum of 15 students will be required to start a class.

Only online registration is accepted (https://www.beclass.com/rid=22415935cff0f59854fd), and registration starts on June 30. For more information, please refer to the organizer's website (Kanmy Enterprise Co., http://www.ukan.com.tw/class.html) or contact the company at (02)-2258-7425.

Guanshan Bicycle Rental Station: http://www.ukan.com.tw/3introduction-7Guanshan.html