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Winter Journey in Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park - Enriching Your Senses

Poster for the 2019 Hakka Harvest Festival Spring prayers, autumn thanksgiving, harvest in autumn, and storing grain in winter; before winter, our Hakka ancestors (predominantly farmers) would celebrate the abundant harvest and give thanks for peace and prosperity. After October on the Chinese calendar, Hakka villages everywhere begin preparations for praying to the heaven above for bestowing upon them a bumper crop. In addition to a wide array of sacrificial offerings, they will also invite Hakka opera troupes to stage performances in appreciation of the protection provided by the respective deities over the past year. Supervised by the Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission and organized by the Taipei Hakka Culture Foundation (hereafter referred to as the THCF), the 2019 Hakka Harvest Festival will kick off at the great lawn of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park on the morning of November 23. Continuing the god-thanking tradition and heritage of our Hakka forefathers, citizens are invited to give thanks and celebrate the abundant harvest before winter by participating in the Abundance Market, art installation exhibition, various experiential activities, lawn concert, and Hakka opera performance.

Hakka Aesthetics Landscape Art Festival – Embodiment of Hakka Lifestyle
The 2019 Hakka Harvest Festival draws upon the theme of Winter Journey as the main theme, inviting curator Chen Hsuan-cheng to deconstruct the contemporary Hakka interactive landscape art installation to create the Hakka Aesthetics Landscape Art Festival. For the exhibition, paper sculpture artist Cheng Jo-han, graphic designer Hsiao Yu-jen, and visual artist Chen Ching-ju have been invited to deconstruct common Hakka cultures by employing the perspective of an artist’s narrative in conjunction with landscaping and the transformation of artistic expressions to design 3 unique sites and venues for the public to interact and take photos with. The elements they used include the Meinong paper umbrella, Yimin religion, and the tea industry, allowing visitors to appreciate Hakka living aesthetics as well as the culture of thanking god, remembering one’s roots, and the landscape of mountains, rivers, and tea gardens.

Island of Abundance Island of Abundance Market – Showcasing Taiwan’s Products, Crafts, and Artisans
Starting at 10:00 on November 23, the THCF has designed the harvest festival market featuring themes such as Taiwan’s Hakka products, crafts, and handcrafted arts. Small farmers, professionals, and artists throughout the country are invited to create the 5 senses market experience, allowing citizens to appreciate the island of abundance – Taiwan. The first 300 citizens to come to the venue will each receive a copy of the Island of Abundance storybook, documenting each professional’s key object, Hakka culture and the déjà vu of harvesting. The Itinerant Object Exchange Program upholds the Hakka spirit and heritage of cherishing resources, enabling the public to exchange items, trade secondhand books, and donate defective products. Citizens are welcome to swap their goods with others at the scene based on the 5 senses and engage in an exploration of the senses.

Giving Thanks for Peace – Glamor of Hakka Opera Features Classic Theatrical Performances
The important Hakka god-thanking end of winter opera will kick off at 13:00. The end of winter opera is a traditional folk cultural activity designed to entertain the deities and people during the Giving Thanks for Peace ceremony. It is a performing art that embodies Hakka folk customs, religion, entertainment, arts, and culture. This year, outstanding students from the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts’ Department of Hakka Opera will be staging classic Hakka operas such as Beating the City God, Wu Song Smashes the Wine-Shop, and Philanderer Flirts with Girls on a Boat, demonstrating the beauty of Hakka 9 Tones and 18 Tunes and the classic 4 Skills and 5 Means. In addition, they will also showcase the aesthetics of Hakka opera performers such as Sheng (male protagonist), Dan (female protagonist), Jing (painted face male) and Chou (comedy role). Moreover, they will also bring about exquisite Wu Sheng (male martial artist) and Wu Dan (female martial artist) performances that exemplify the beauty and power of Hakka opera.

Recipients of Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, and Golden Indie Music Awards Perform at the Harvest Festival Concert
The Harvest Festival Lawn Concert will be held at 15:00 on the same day, giving thanks to Mother Nature for a year of an abundant harvest. The THCF will be inviting the recipients of Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, and Golden Indie Music Awards to take to the stage with a strong lineup from the Taiwan Music Competition and Songwriting Contest to present performances that can rival the best of what paid concerts can offer. The artists and bands include: Recipient of Golden Horse Award for Best Original Film Song and Best Original Film Score, Lin Sheng-Hsiang and Sheng-Xiang & Band; recipient of Golden Melody Award for Best Album in Hakka - Vocal Category, Lo Sirong & Gomoteu; nominee for Golden Melody Award for Best Album in Hakka - Vocal Category, Best Hakka Singer - Vocal Category, Album of the Year - Vocal Category, and recipient of Golden Indie Music Awards for Best Folk Song, Huang Wei Jie & Submontane Band; recipient of the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards, Taiwan Flower; songwriter in the Hakka Category of the Taiwan Music Competition and Songwriting Contest, Chiu Li-shu; performers at the opening ceremony of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, Taipei Youth Choir; chorus of the theme song of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park will be performed by Nathan Wilson (British and Hakka mixed-race celebrity) and the Global Hakka Opera Troupe.

Participation is absolutely free! So, come on and invite those who you are most grateful to and bring them to view exhibitions, shop the markets, listen to opera, join the concert, and partake in DIY courses in the cool autumn season. For more details on the 2019 Hakka Harvest Festival, please refer to the official website of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park (https://ssl.thcp.org.tw/) or its Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/TaipeiHakkaPark/).
Event date: November 23 (Saturday) 10:00-17:30
Venue: Great lawn of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park, Taipei Hakka Farm (No. 2, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City).