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Taipei City Goverment


Servicemen's rights and benefits: "Under what circumstances can servicemen apply for "family members living subsidies"? What are the conditions and how to apply?"

1. Suitable applicants
(1) Active servicemen, referring to men who are doing their mandatory military service (duty service) (Regular or Alternative Service), which do not include voluntary military service.
(2) Persons needing assistance refers to the servicemen's family members.
(3) The extent of the members of family refers to relatives and spouses, which under Article 1114 of the Civil Code, servicemen are in mutual obligation to support.
1. Spouses.
2. Lineal relatives by blood.
3. The spouses and the parents of the spouses living in the same household.
4. Brothers and sisters.
5. The head and the members of the house.

2. Family members of servicemen cannot maintain a living refers to the total family income distribution of each family member does not reach the minimum cost of living announced by the Ministry of Interior or the direct-controlled municipality for the current year and that the family property does not exceed a certain amount. Eligible applicants shall be required to obtain a transcript copy of their household registration, taxation information, a post office passbook of one of the family members together with relevant supporting documents and apply with the Military Service Section of the local area office of the registered household.