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Where are the Taipei Riverside Bike Rental Centers? What are the rental fees of the bikes?

[Applications will proceed in accordance with different epidemic warning levels and the epidemic prevention regulations during the coronavirus outbreak period. Get the latest news, please consult the website of "Taipei riverside bike rental stations " (http://www.ukan.com.tw/group2)]
1. The location and phone numbers of bike rental stations are listed as follows:
(1)Guandu Station (0977-320525): On Zhixing Road, the north side of the Guandu Temple and next to Guandu Wharf.
(2)Dadaocheng Station (0977-320523): On the south side of the Dadaocheng Wharf and at the end of Mingsheng West Road.
(3) Dajia Station (0977-320521): Entering the Evacuation Exit No.8 on Binjiang Street. The station is located at the Film plaza.
(4) Guanshan Station (0977-320528): At the left side of the Tayou Evacuative Gate, and beneath the Highway overpass (facing the direction of Dazhi Bridge).
(5) Meiti Station (0977-320524): Entering the riverside via the cross-way at the end of Jihu Road, or turn left after entering the Meiti Evacuation Gate at the end of Jingye 3rd Road. It is besides the bikeway when facing the Dazhi Bridge.
(6) Jingfu Station (0977-320522): Located at the Gongguan riverside plaza of the Taipei Water Park and beneath the Yongfu Bridge.
(7) Muzha Station (0977-320526): located at the plaza of Daonan riverside park, which is in front of the Taipei Zoo.
(8) Machangding Station (0977-320-527):At the end of Qingnian Road, and entering the Machangding Evacuation Gate.
(9) Rainbow Station (0977-320531): Entering the riverside via the cross- way and then head for the Maishuai 1st Bridge; or walking by the Rainbow Bridge to the bridge opening of the Maishuai 1st Bridge. (*Open on holidays only)
2. Rental fees:
(1) Lady bike, Kid bike, Baby bike:
(1-1) Weekdays: NT$15 per hour; NT$30 for two hours.
(1-2) Holidays: NT$25 per hour; NT$50 for two hours.
(2) Gear changeable bike: NT$40 per hour; NT$60 for two hours.
(3) High-grade gear changeable bike, Tandem bike: NT$60 per hour; NT$90 for two hours.
(4) Parent-child bike: NT$50 per hour; NT$80 for two hours.