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What is the timing for vehicles in parking lots within river basins to evacuate during a typhoon period?

When the Central Weather Bureau issues a land warning for a typhoon, and alert areas include Taipei, the City will firstly dispatch the news release and TV marquee of control measures of “exiting only” for evacuation gates, as well as conditionally open partial street-sides of red and yellow lines to public parking, and temporarily exempt fees of some street-side parking spaces (in case of an off-day announcement because of the typhoon, street-sides of red and yellow lines shall be all open to parking and fees for street-side parking shall be all exempted temporarily). Secondly, the City shall, in accordance with the instruction of Tamsui River Monitoring Command Center, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, dispatch the news release to forewarn the oncoming shutdown of evacuation gates, 6 hours prior to the completion of closure. Shutting of evacuation gates shall start up 2 hours prior to gate closure. By 2 hours before gate closure, all vehicles left behind shall be towed away compulsorily.