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Taipei City Goverment


Injury and Illness Allowance: "After entering the camp, the serviceman needs medical treatment because of an illness (injury), is there any allowance for the consultation registration fee or the copayment?"

1. Obligation Service Reserve officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers and substitute service servicemen who seek medical treatment at the Armed Forces General Hospital are exempted from paying the registration fees and the copayments. The Ministry of National Defense (for Regular Service draftees) and the Ministry of Interior (for Alternative Service draftees) shall provide the budget support.

2. A Regular Serviceman or Alternative Serviceman who is injured or falls ill while on duty and who is urgently transported to an NHI medical institution other than a national military hospital for medical treatment may apply for an allowance for the medical expenses, in accordance with the regulations. For those who have not been injured while on duty, the expenses need to be borne by the Regular Servicemen themselves. Alternative Servicemen, however, shall have their expenses covered, by the National Conscription Agency, Ministry of National Defense, up to 75% of the amount.