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Quarantine Hotels FAQ

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Quarantine Hotels FAQ
Q1. How many quarantine hotels are currently available? 
A1. For the quaratine hotel list, please find the link for your reference. 【Click】
Q2. Upon entering Taiwan, do the quarantine hotels offer airport pickup or drop off service?
A2. According to the policies of epidemic prevention, quarantined persons are not allowed to take public transportation, including airplanes, MRT and buses. They are required to wear face masks through the entire journey and take the designated transport vehicle or drive yourself from airport to quarantine location. Violators will be fined. 
Q3. Can people leave their rooms when staying in the quarantine hotel? How many days do they need to stay in the hotel?
A3. After completing the quarantine hotel check-in procedures, quarantined persons are prohibited from leaving their rooms for 7 days. If they attempt to do so, they will no longer be allowed to stay. If an individual violates the quarantine guidelines, he/she will be reported to the Taipei City Government and receive a fine. The 7-day quarantine begins the day after the arrival in Taiwan, thus making the quarantine period a total of 8 days.
Q4. What is the contact information of quarantine hotels?
A4. For the further contact information, please dial +886-2-2381-8251 for Foreign Affairs Division, Taipei City Police Department.