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Procedures for Dealing with Traffic Accidents

How to Report an Incident?

How to Report an Incident?

A. When a traffic accident occurs, the simplest and fastest way to report the case is to dial 110--the police emergency hotline.

B. Please provide the location, time, car tag-number, vehicle model, condition of injured, and the person's name.

C. After reporting the case, the witness should wait at the scene for the police to arrive.

D. The parties in a traffic accident will be commuted if they confess by reporting the incident to the police.

How to Protect Your Own Interest?

How to Protect Your Own Interest?

A. Before the police arrive:

  1. Negotiate with the person involved in a calm manner to avoid problems.
  2. Confirm the identity of the person involved to avoid later confusion.
  3. Take the victim to the hospital. If there is no other car to use besides the accident car, mark the car location before driving it.
  4. Use a camera as much as possible to take photos of the accident scene, floor traces, dropped things, damage on the accident car, and condition of injured.
  5. Try to search for a witness to clarify the accident.

B. When the police are managing the accident:

  1. Cooperate with the police and explain the details of the accident.
  2. Important evidence like brakes traces and scratched floor traces should be photographed.
  3. Read the accident scene diagram and sign carefully, if you find any mistakes or missing parts, tell the police officer in charge to correct them.
  4. Be polite. Try not to have quarrels with the person involved or the police officer.

C. After the police finish the investigation:

  1. Parties involved can go to the Taipei City Traffic Department Service Center (No. 1, Beiping E. Road, Taipei City) within one month after the accident and request a detailed accident report.
  2. The person involved or his/her family member can apply for a "Traffic Accident Report," "Analysis of Accident Cause" and "Accident Scene Draft (Sketch)" at Taipei City Traffic Department Service Center.
At the Scene of the Accident

Civil claim:

A. No one injured or dead but only vehicle damaged or property lost:

  1. The parties involved in an accident shall negotiate for settlement agreement by themselves or through an insurance company.
  2. If an agreement cannot be reached, either party may apply to the local Arbitrary Committee or district civil court for proceedings (according to the law, the police officer may not interfere in a civil suit).

B. Police officer may not be involved in a civil case that is not yet filed or processed.

C. Therefore, they will make no contact push no case to be processed (it shall be handled in accordance with the law and it is not necessary to wait for a notice from the police).

How to file an appeal and appraisal?

A. How to file an appeal: Please file an appeal at the Traffic Court or appeal to the Traffic Court if there are differences in opinion regarding the fact stated in the citation.

B. How to apply for an appraisal: Make a request to the Traffic Adjudication Office (address: 7th and 8th floors of the Shuiyuan Market Building, No. 92, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei 10091 , Tel.: 2365-8270) to have an appraisal performed within six months.