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During a typhoon or heavy rain, what are the penalties for vehicles left outside the levees?

Owners who fail to move away their vehicles within the time limit specified by the Government shall be liable to a fine as follows in accordance with Articles 13 of Taipei City Park Management Autonomy Regulations:

Towed or not?

Towing required

Vehicle Type     Penalty       Tow Fee      Storage Fee (per day)
Scooters           NT$2,400    NT$200      NT$50
Small Cars        NT$2,400    NT$900      NT$200
Large Cars        NT$2,400    NT$3,000   NT$500

Towing not required

Vehicle Type     Penalty       Tow Fee      Storage Fee (per day)
Scooters           NT$2,650                    None
Small Cars        NT$3,500                    None
Large Cars        NT$5,900                    None