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How shall we obtain messages about when Nanshen Floodgate will be closed in flood season or in time of an imminent typhoon?

The messages regarding closing time of Nanshen Floodgate are available in the following ways:
(1) For opening/closing test runs in flood season: In the morning of the scheduled date, test-run billboards shall be posted at both ends of Nanshen Bridge. Furthermore, at 11 PM of the same day, the Police Radio Station will broadcast an announcement to remind the closing of Nanshen Floodgate at midnight.
(2) For closing in time of typhoon: When the water level of Sifen Stream reaches EL.8.0, a notice shall be released to inform all media that Nanshen Floodgate is likely to be closed, and to request TV channels to publicize the message in scrolling text and the Police Radio Station to broadcast the message at the same time. Besides, the Hydraulic Engineering Office shall dispatch a news release about closing of Nanshen Floodgate.