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To which departments should unclean public toilets in riverside parks be reported?

A: Please report unclean public toilets (includes portable toilet) and damaged facilities in riverside parks to any high riverbank management station of the PWD-HEO or call the Taipei City Hotline 1999 (outside Taipei (02) 2720-8889). Your reports will be addressed shortly.

Management Station&Jurisdiction&Phone:

East Region Management Station
(Both sides of the Keelung River between the Zhongshan Bridge and Xizhi boundary, Neigou River, Dakeng River, and Sifen River)
(02) 2712-6390、(02) 2718-1564

South Region Management Station&Jurisdiction&Phone:
Jingmei River, Xindian River (Taipei City boundary), Tamsui River, (Taipei City boundary, south of the Taipei Bridge)
(02) 2308-7318、(02) 2308-6457

North Region Management Station&Jurisdiction&Phone:
Keelung River from the down reach of Zhongshan Bridge to Shezitou Park, Tamsui River (north of the Taipei Bridge to Guandu), Guizikeng River, Shuangxi River, Huangxi River, and Huanggang River
(02) 2885-0533、(02) 2885-0536