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What is the timing for opening and closing of evacuation gates during a typhoon or heavy rain?

The timing for closing evacuation gates depends on the instruction of Tamsui River monitoring Command Center, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, with reference to fluctuations of river water level and the necessity for vehicle evacuation outside the leeves. Upon decision of closing timing, the Emergency Operations Center of Taipei City shall immediately notify the media to inform the public, with enhancement of broadcastings and scrolling texts of electronic media. The Hydraulic Engineering Office of Taipei City shall, in the meantime, use the Public Announcement System to release the information to related neighborhood chiefs so they can raise the residents’ attention through Civil Broadcast System. Besides, information for closing and opening of evacuation gates can be obtained through Taipei Citizen Hotline at 1999 (For callers outside the City, please dial 02-27208889) extension 8200, or dial (02)2725-8200~7 directly. The Flood Prevention and Emergency Team, Hydraulic Engineering Office can also be reached through the Citizen Hotline 1999 (For callers outside the City, please dial 02-27208889) extension 2660, or (02)2725-2660 directly. After the warning alerts for typhoons or heavy rains have been lifted, the Hydraulic Engineering Office shall send workers to check the tide situation outside the levees and start to open the evacuation gates in order.